Culligan’s Advanced Water Treatment Process

Culligan bottled water offers 18 litres of chilled water, ready and waiting for you to drink whenever you need it. But when it comes to “clean” water, how does Culligan’s bottled water filtration process provide fresher, better-tasting drinking water?

Source Water Collection and Distribution

Drinking water that originates from a natural source is highly susceptible to contaminants – like lead, arsenic, nitrates, and chemical runoff – that get absorbed through the soil. When the water is collected and bottled, it may still contain some of these contaminants.

It takes state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge of water to ensure every sip is free of contaminants.

Culligan Water Filtration Process

So how does Culligan do it? Culligan delivers bottled water that’s free of minerals, organic compounds, and chemicals by using a process called reverse osmosis filtration.

Reverse osmosis is a multistep solution that uses five stages of filtration to clean the water.

Culligan Bottled Water Explained

As water enters Culligan’s facility, it immediately passes through two parallel carbon filters that remove chlorine and total dissolved solids.

The water is then softened to remove hard-water-causing minerals, like calcium and magnesium, to prevent scaling inside the cooler. The softener will also remove aluminum, copper, and other trace metals, while a secondary polishing softener keeps the water equipment free of residue.

At this point, the water is ready for primary filtration – this is where reverse osmosis comes in. The RO filtration removes any remaining contaminants down to the size of a micron. And in case you’re wondering how big a micron is, it’s really, really small. The Culligan RO process brings the TDS from around 1000 ppm to under 10 ppm.

In the final step of Culligan’s filtration process, the water passes through ozone and ultraviolet filtration to ensure the water is free of microorganisms.

Cleaner Water, Pure and Simple

Culligan has more than 80 years of experience filtering water. And while water filtration may sound like a complex process, the result is clean water, pure and simple. Contact your Detroit Culligan Man to find out how you can enjoy cleaner water in your home.